About Cable car

It is one of the ecological transportation types, which does not contaminate the environment and it is a great entertainment for kids and for adults.

The only one in Lithuania

Cable car working all year
Druskininkai airline, which connects summer and winter, invites you to come and see through the eyes of Druskininkai birds!


Length of the cable cabin route


of carrying


Moving speed of the cable cabing


Height of the


For passengers in the cabin


Rules for visiting in the event of a COVID-19 pandemic:

Points of interest to see when riding the cable cartai

During the trip, through the windows of the lift, as if from the observation wheel, you will see: the impressive forests of the Druskininkai resort, the bends of the Nemunas River and the wonderful panorama of the city.

Points of interest to see when riding the cable cartai

Dear passengers, a face mask is REQUIRED in our cabins. Let’s smile and protect each other!

Our cabins are additionally disinfected with a modern fog system that is up to 1,700 times more efficient than manually sprayed disinfectant. We have started using a small, steam-like automatic steam generator “Urfog”, which in less than half a minute turns into a mist disinfectant “Dezifog” licensed by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania. The fog fills the room in a very short time and spreads on all horizontal and vertical surfaces, reaching even the smallest gaps. “Since the spring, the world’s public has been very concerned about their health, the environment, their customers and themselves, finding ways to protect themselves from the COVID-19 virus. Much attention is paid to personal hygiene and disinfection, but we see that the situation is not only not getting better, it is getting worse, the virus is spreading further. Therefore, we are looking for even more effective measures to protect the employees and customers of our companies. From spring, we thoroughly clean and disinfect the surfaces of buses and cable cars every day, and from now on we will additionally start using new technologies – a modern fog system. Several times a week, the cable cars and operators’ workplaces will be disinfected with a mist disinfection system in order to ensure the maximum safety of passengers and employees. We believe that the new measures will help prevent the spread of the virus, “said Gintautas Pakusas, Director of UAB Kautros Keltuvai. The fog disinfection system is a highly effective not only surface disinfectant but also air cleaner, very active today in the global fight against the Covid-19 virus. With this disinfection system, the usual smell of disinfectant fluids will also bite your nose – the smell of oranges.